We have been influenced by our audience since we began this passion (business) due to high customer demand. We take each event seriously and are very punctual yet it’s not over till the fat lady sings! (or the groom says “It’s 2 am, pack it up so I can get to my honeymoon”) ha-ha

DJ Switch is your one stop for an evening to remember! Whether it be a small fundraiser, or a once in a lifetime wedding, we will make it memorable to the highest of your expectations. Smbat and Manvel are both graduate musicians, Smbat in Violin and Manvel in Piano, therefore the music is in our hearts. If you’re looking for a professional DJ, then look no further.

Most DJ’s work solo, but the advantage of having two people present is that there’s always someone making sure everything runs smoothly, while the other concentrates on the music. For example making sure the bridal party is in order as they are presented or even the smallest things such as making sure the lighting in the hall is lowered for the first dance, or even just making sure that people are having a great time. Despite the fact that we work as a team, we still charge a reasonable fee.

DJ Switch should’ve been Switch Entertainment because we don’t only play music but we also provide live percussion shows played by DJ Switch, have full state of the art lasers & lighting which is professionally programmed at each event, be the master of ceremony (MC) throughout the evening, and one thing that no other DJ does, play a romantic slow song on the violin with a wireless mic right next to the beautiful couple as well as many other international pieces.

We use top of the line audio equipment that will satisfy any size venue, we also use computers to mix as well as have CD’s as back-up. We also have instant internet on the spot incase the birthday boy/girl has a last minute special request that can only be found online.